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Are you unsure about what colours to wear?

Do you ever wonder why some colours really bring out the best in you, make your eyes sparkle and give you that healthy glow? Or why others can make you look tired and drained?
We are based in Great Missenden, and offer personal colour consultations throughout Buckinghamshire.

Colour can have a huge impact on how we look and feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. Wearing the right colours for you, the shades that complement your personal colouring, will give you an instant boost and make you look younger, healthier and more vibrant.

Having your Personal Colour Consultation done will also show you the best way to wear the colours you already have and how to coordinate your wardrobe making future shopping trips easier, more enjoyable and save you money by choosing only the clothes that suit you. Clothes that you'll actually wear over and over again!

During your Colour Consultation I will:
  • Find out about your lifestyle, clothes, make-up, shopping habits and favourite colours you wear
  • Determine what your Primary colour group is, together with your second and third colour groups, through analysing your natural colouring - eyes, skin tone and hair
  • Do your make-up using shades that naturally enhance your personal colouring
  • Show you how to bring the colours from your personal colour palette to life and which ones really give you the WOW factor
  • Advise you on your best neutral shades and how they can create your wardrobe staples
  • I’ll also ask you to bring along a selection of clothes with you, things you wear a lot and some of those that rarely see the light of day from the back of your wardrobe. We can then go through them together to see what clothes work for you and why.

Duration: 2 hours
Price: £140
sandra offering personal colour consultation in buckinghamshire

different personal colour profiles by colour & style confidence

Includes your personal 42 colour fabric swatch wallet – a must in your handbag for future shopping trips!


You may have already had your colours analysed and possibly as a “Season”. However, Colour Me Beautiful extended the colour consultation process some time ago giving you more choice of shades of colour that will really suit you. Also, over time your colouring may have changed, either as part of nature’s process or just because you wanted to try a new hair colour. If so then this update consultation will get you back on track with the colours that bring out the best in you and you have the option of purchasing a new personal colour fabric swatch wallet.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: £85

Personal Colour Fabric Swatch Wallet: £55

personal colour consultant in buckinghamshire personal colour consultant in great missenden personal colour consultation service in buckinghamshire

For more information about persoanl colour services in Buckinghamshire, call us at 07711 153207 or drop us a message.