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For many people black is a staple in their wardrobe and that may never change, so it’s all about knowing HOW to wear black, not whether you CAN. And anyway black can look fabulous on some people (Clear, Cool and Deep’s), especially with a tan!

At Colour & Style Confidence based in Great Missenden, we offer a colour consultation service and one of the questions I’m most asked during this consultation is “can I wear black?” and there’s normally a look of real concern (panic even) when clients ask that question. I can completely relate to that, as before I had my own colours analysed most of my wardrobe was made up of black! For many people it’s the same and black can be their crutch, confidence booster, slimming aid even. But if you're looking for a slimming effect and want an alternative to black then consider navy, charcoal or chocolate brown depending on your colour palette.

Interestingly, even though black doesn't feature in my colour palette I still have a few key pieces in my wardrobe that are black, I just wear them in a more strategic way now to lessen the aging effect that black has on my complexion when worn next to my face.

Unless your primary colour group is Clear, Cool or Deep, then wearing black right next to your face will not be very flattering at all. But to help lessen the ageing effect leave a little skin on show with a lower or open neckline and add a little shimmer, either golden if your skin tone is warm or iridescent silver if you have a cooler skin tone.

Don’t worry! Whatever your colouring is everyone can still have their little black dress depending on the fabric it’s made from, how much flesh is on show and what accessories and make-up are worn. Texture is crucial in being able to soften black as it will alter the way in which light is absorbed by the fabric. All types of knit as well as tweeds will have this effect. Sheer fabrics will also "lighten" black and shiny fabrics such as silk or satin will sparkle and reflect the light making it easier for anyone whose colouring is Light, Soft or Warm to wear it successfully.

Accessorise your black with scarves or jewellery to lift the overall appearance and harmonise with your natural colourings. Choose a scarf in one of your "wow" colours or team your outfit with some statement jewellery. Warmer skin tones are best in gold, copper and bronze. Cooler skin tones are best in silver, platinum and pewter. Diamonds are perfect for everyone!

Finally, your make-up can help you to wear black more successfully. Ensure that you’re wearing the right tones and shades to compliment your colour palette and avoid over dramatizing by wearing a lipstick or blusher which is too overpowering for you. At Colour & style confidence we also offer a make-up consultation service.

Some of the services Colour & Style Confidence offers in Buckinghamshire:

  • Personal Colour Consultant
  • Personal Stylist
  • Full Image Consultation
  • Personal Shopping Assistant
  • Make Up Consultation
  • Wardrobe De-Clutter