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If you happen to be in possession of hair, chances are that at some stage you'll have to deal with the conundrum of it going grey. Dye it or embrace it? Change your make up or stick to the same tried and trusted products? Alter your wardrobe to match or resolutely stick to the same colours and styles? Going grey is one of the most visible signs of getting older and, for many people, a very depressing one. But fear not! Read on to find out how to deal with all the grey hair issues that are weighing on your grey matter.

To dye or not to dye?

Only you can decide whether you are ready to embrace your natural grey hair. If you're ready to go for it, feel confident in the knowledge that grey hair can be an incredibly powerful and attractive statement to make - with modern cuts and haircare products, there is absolutely no need for going grey to mean the beginning of the end of a sense of style.
If, however, you have decided to defy nature for a few more years, then make sure you choose the most flattering hair colour for you. If you have cool toned skin then stick with ashy colours, from deepest brown to lightest blonde, and avoid any hint of golden yellow or henna red. For warmer tones, go for golden or rust red tones, and keep your darker browns warm and chestnutty.

And what about that awkward in between phase? There is nothing more alarming than ditching the dye and being faced with that awful badger stripe of grey, which, of course, sends you dashing back to the dye faster than you can say root touch up.
If you do want to make the change, then talk to your hairdresser about doing so gradually - adding in a few highlights in lighter shades that more closely match your own natural (as in, the greying one, not the natural you had at age 20!) hair colour and breaking up the colour rather than dyeing the whole lot to help ease the transition.

What about clothing and make up colours?

If you've had your colours analysed, you'll know that going grey will change your original colour palette (normally once you get to around 60% grey). So if you’ve decided on embracing your grey now’s an ideal time to book in for a Colour Refresh Consultation.

If you haven't had your colours analysed, now is a perfect time to think about getting it done to give you the confidence to either go grey naturally or cover up with the right colours for you. It will also show you the colours that will make you look your freshest and most stylish as you enter a whole new phase of life. If you are confident in the clothing and make up choices you are making, keep checking out your reflection to ensure that the colours you have been automatically donning for years aren't getting too severe or intense for you - even if you dye your hair, the contrast level in our skin and eyes diminishes as we age, and wearing colours that are too overpowering, be it clothes or make-up, will actually make you look older and often tired and jaded.

Do I need to start dressing my age?

In a word.... NO. Whether your style is Creative, Dramatic, Romantic, Classic, Natural or City Chic, or any one of a thousand other unique looks, you can still continue to wear that style. Going grey no longer means giving up on a sense of colour and style in the way it did in our granny's day, and you can continue to age while rocking your coolest (or hottest!) looks yet.

Some of the services Colour & Style Confidence can help you on some of your dressing decisions, makeu-up and even colours. We offers a variety of services in Buckinghamshire, such as Personal Colour Consultant, Personal Stylist, Full Image Consultation, Personal Shopping Assistant, Make Up Consultation & Wardrobe De-Clutter.